Since the inception of IIAFL our mission has been clear.To be best in class organisation imparting service in language promotion and its richness. Exceeding expectations in fulfilling the language criteria for different purposes; be they formal as in for business interactions or relatively informal like in cultural exchange or others.One can see the apparant significance of versatility with diversity. To foster intercultural exchange and broaden the scope across international boundries in innumerable ways, the most prominent thing is Language.
Language is the key to the people’s heart.Just say small pleasantries in the native language of the speaker and you have opened up for yourself a new world.A world with new culture,tastes, opportunities and most importantly -Love.The horizons seem to expand and world in its enormous potential opens before us inviting us to embark upon a journey which we never did before, much to our delight.
As the world shrinks with communication technologies, the importance of lingual versatility was never vivid as before.


Our mission is relentless persuasion with language service.To impart best in class language skills with edge in linguistic nuances is our endeavour. Promoting apt expressiveness of language in all ways for various concerns in social norms is what we long for. To unravel the world of its immense potential and let out the sparks with interlingual dialogue is our dream.
The beauty of a language, its uniqueness in terms of expression and the cultural flavour it carries adds to experience.It is opportunistic in one way or the other.
We derive benefit by opening ourselves to new avenues and imbibing values which work as an add-on to our personality. We get an insight into our unexplored facets and the dexterity to permeate through the social values at global level. It is our service to equip you with the power of versality while learning new languages.Letting you have the charge while you work in inter lingual domain and make you more independent in this respect.


  • To promote different languages in their rich form for apt usage.
  • To provide service in acquaintance of languages for better expression for utmost transparency in interaction.
  • Continuous enhancement of language usage in terms of subtle expression and appropriate vocabulary in choice of words.
  • Complete satisfaction in service and possible inputs for optimum implementation of linguistic skills for respective concern in terms of context in best manner.