Speaking English today

English is widely common language all over the world. It is a bridge to culture languages and so on. It is official language of about 60 sovereign states. It is the third most common native language in the world. It’s dialects vary from one region to another upto some extend and is the leading language of international discourse.

Old English

Old English or Anglo-Saxon (c. 550–1066 CE) is known to be the earliest form of English.Modern English not like old English and difficult to be understood for 21st century speakers. It became greatly popular during the Elizabethan era when the works of Shakespeare became popular.

English today

English has great deal of flexibility and gets added new words to it time and again. Many sovereign countries have adapted it commonly.

Various English Dialects.

Spoken English varies due to dialects which change from region to region. The common is the American accent .After that is the British then Australian,Irish and so on This also depends on the origin.

The need for English language

Due to its global usage its need too is apparant. Learning English just is of great help while journeying, researching, in science and business. Do its mass appeal English has become very necessary for day to day usage .

The Choice of curriculum

The curriculum selected is such which makes a way for a person to get acquainted with the languge.The modern standard English which is in common use now needs to be learned with proper methodology and syllabus.This is taken into consideration with much afterthought,research and planning.

Your advantage of curriculum

As learners from varying backgrounds are benefitted through our services in training,hence three different modules are adopted here. This ensures perfection and all round development in linguistics for each and every candidate in IIAFL.


Start by learning basic English with simple learning schedules and learning modules which aim for basic beginners in English.



For those with a basic understanding in English and want to sharpen the same to a higher level, the intermediate course aims for such training.



Kicking it up a notch, higher level training exercises to test and improve the quality of English in you.