Who speaks German today?

Highly developed nations like Germany,Belgium,Austria,Switzerland Luxembourg and Liechtenstein have German as their official language. It is a derivative language. Latin and other West Germanic Languages mostly are derived from it.

Old High German

From about 8th Century AD to 11th Century AD,roughly Old High German began its growth and had texts which dated from that period of time.Some texts and inscription can be found prior to the 7th century. However the 8th century is found as the beginning for German language.

Standard German (Modern)

Standard German has begun to be used verbally from the 18th century AD. It was gradually accepted into the daily life which is at present time the standard of communicating verbally and in writing. The council for German orthography regulates it.

Accent and Dialects

Generally High German and Low German are the constituents of the divident German language.Most of the accents depend upon it . The very small handful of German speaking individuals throughout the world especially in Americas have their dialects and accents affected due to regional languages.

Who needs to learn German today?

Countries where German is common like in Switzerland, Bulgaria,Germany etc big universities take students from all over the world. Since German is the medium of teaching, hence it makes German important for those who wish to travel in such lands for the purpose of education business and recreation.

Choosing the curriculum

The curriculum selected is such which makes a way for a person to get acquainted with the languge.The modern standard German which is in common use now needs to be learned with proper methodology and syllabus.This is taken into consideration with much afterthought,research and

Written for your success

As learners from varying backgrounds are benefitted through our services in training,hence three different modules are adopted here. This ensures perfection and all round development in linguistics for each and every candidate in IIAFL.


Start with the basics and take small steps towards success as we always have a hand to take you there. Basic training exercises are included in the schedule for the same purpose.



Good that you now know what it means. Now the intermediate practice sessions and exercises help you connect the small basic dots to make you talk or write in German.



Kick it up a notch!
Advance learning exercises which help you better the now already familiar language and reach a level of comfort using the same.