Who speaks Russian today?

Russia is the 8th language in popularity.about ten nations have it as their offical language. UN also includes it in official languages. USSR when it was united and powerful had spread it’s worth all around the Eurasian region. Russia is still the largest country today. Russians are all over the world.

Early Russian

RRussian language was used initially abut the late 10th century AD . This was in the northern parts of the Asia and north eastern parts of Europe.Early Russian culture is Old East Slavic. It has since then evolved along during the 14th centuries through the 17th century. Leo Tolstoy worth naming was a great novelist of Russia.

Modern Russian

During the 18 century Russia underwent a good measure change.It has even been standardised till date to the modern dialects which Russian speech being adapted. The Russian language has become prominent because of the strong presence of social and other media. According to survey Russian is now the second most used language on the internet.

Dialectual Variation of Russian

Russian language is also greatly influenced by the regional topography of the speakers. North and South dialects of Russia are quite prominent. Equivalent Moscow Dialect was formed out of it.It is referred as teh Central dialect. Russian alphabet is basically derived from Cyrillic Script.

Who needs to learn Russian today?

For people willing to move to Russian speaking countries can be immensely benefitted by it. The people going to places where Russian as the official language is present. Since Russia is a leading economic country, maintenance of a good and steady business relation can be of great help.

Choosing the curriculum

The curriculum selected is such which makes a way for a person to get acquainted with the language.The modern standard Russain which is in common use now needs to be learned with proper methodology and syllabus.This is taken into consideration with much afterthought,research and planning.

Written for your success

As learners from varying backgrounds are benefitted through our services in training,hence three different modules are adopted here. This ensures perfection and all round development in linguistics for each and every candidate in IIAFL.


Start with the basics and take small steps towards success as we always have a hand to take you there. Basic training exercises are included in the schedule for the same purpose.



The intermediate stage which consists of learning exercises with slight more prominence than basic and help build blocks towards communicable Russian.



Kick it up a notch!
Advance learning exercises which help you better the now already familiar language and reach a level of comfort using the same.