Who speaks Urdu today?

Urdu is an Indian Language which originated from the indian subcontinent.It is a mixture of various language like hindi,persian,arabic etc.It has minor lingual differences. It has a totally different script. about 65 million people speak urdu through out the globe with either it being a first or a second language.

Earlier Urdu

Urdu traces its roots in Hindustani which was a culmination of various forms for a many languages in the south east Asia.Sanskrit too has its link with it. Mainly it is spoken by Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. It evolved over a period of 500AD to around 1200AD. It has existed and evolved since.

Modern Urdu

Urdu is now one of the official languages of Pakistan and some states of India. During the British Rule in the Indian subcontinent it grew very fast.


Dialects of Urdu are few and are mostly like Hindi.Little or no difference are found in the dialects and only when there is change in the regional differences.

Who needs to learn Urdu today?

Urdu is famous for its sweetness and politeness. Uttering of the words is done with peculiar concern for delicacy. There are great works of literature in Urdu and pursuing of such dreams undoubtedly needs learning of Urdu.

Choosing the curriculum

The curriculum selected is such which makes a way for a person to get acquainted with the language.The modern standard Urdu which is in common use now needs to be learned with proper methodology and syllabus.This is taken into consideration with much afterthought,research and


Written for your success

As learners from varying backgrounds are benefitted through our services in training,hence three different modules are adopted here. This ensures perfection and all round development in linguistics for each and every candidate in IIAFL.


Start with the basics and take small steps towards success as we always have a hand to take you there. Basic training exercises are included in the schedule for the same purpose.



The intermediate stage which consists of learning exercises with slight more prominence than basic and help build blocks towards communicable Urdu.



Kick it up a notch!
Advance learning exercises which help you better the now already familiar language and reach a level of comfort using the same.